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Serving the area for over 20 years.


Before your visit

  • Please arrive comfortably dressed, wearing clothing that can be rolled up to the elbows and knees.
  • Please keep your voice low and TURN OFF your cellphone when entering the clinic room.
  • We ask that you refrain from wearing fragrances in the clinic. Many patients are especially sensitive to chemicals and scents.
  • It is best to avoid caffeine or other stimulants for a couple of hours before you have acupuncture.
  • You are welcome to bring earplugs or eye masks.
  • Payment happens before the treatment, so you can relax during your treatment and your practitioner can focus on your treatment. 
  • Please note that we charge an additional $10 admin fee for your first visit only.

During your visit

  • If it is your first visit, please arrive early to fill out the intake form. This will be followed by a short discussion with the practitioner before they suggest a treatment plan for you.
  • An important part of the effectiveness of acupuncture is allowing the body to be in a deeply relaxed state where it can heal and rejuvenate.  Please make yourself comfortable, and relax!
  • Acupuncture treatments last about 40 minutes for general concerns and less for certain sports injuries. Your total time in the clinic is usually about an hour.  If you have to leave by a certain time, please let your practitioner know.

After your visit

  • It is not uncommon to feel more relaxed after a treatment. 
  • You may feel sleepy, or you may have more energy than when you came in. 

Maintaining a quiet, healing space

The Chilliwack Community Acupuncture is a shared space.  It is important for you to help maintain a relaxed, healing atmosphere.  Although there is some exchange between you and the practitioner, most of it is done in hushed voices.  If you feel you would like to speak to your practitioner in greater depth about a concern, please let them know, and we can arrange a time or a separate appointment. 

Be Mindful

  • Please let us know if you may be pregnant or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as these conditions require specific modifications or extra caution. 


  • We are registered with MSP, if you have Premium Assistance.  MSP pays for 10 acupuncture treatments per year at $23 per visit. 
  • Most extended health plans in Canada cover acupuncture treatments.  If you're unsure of your coverage, we encourage you to contact your employer or individual insurance broker to determine if you are &/or to request that your policy be extended to include acupuncture if it does not already.   
  • BC Flexible Benefits Program

Removing barriers to holistic health care

Chilliwack Community Acupuncture clinic is the first of its kind in the Fraser Valley. I want to see everyone benefit from complimentary medicine. This is a step in the right direction

Dr. Ryan Lewis, Naturopathic Physician